10th September @ 1PM, Front of Cardiff Central Train Station.

We are aiming to protest against the placement throughout Cardiff of the ILLEGAL facial recognition cameras. These cameras were deemed illegal by the courts as recent as 2020: https://www.libertyhumanrights.org.uk/issue/legal-challenge-ed-bridges-v-south-wales-police/

Join us!!! Bring your placards, signs, leaflets. WE SAY NO. I have outlined some of our main points below:

  • Facial recognition technology has become evolved to the point they can essentially take a digital fingerprint of millions of people without their knowledge. The Met Police have put plans in place to roll it out across England and it’s being implemented in certain areas of Wales – this could lead to a surveillance state like in China.
  • Police, shopping centres, concerts, museums, stadiums, bars found to have used the surveillance.
  • There is no law for facial recognition in the UK.
  • Met Police facial recognition 87% inaccurate 2016-2022
  • 3,000+ people wrongly identified by police facial recognition.
  • Facial recognition banned in San Francisco + 3 other cities
  • 7 out of 10 governments worldwide use facial recognition technology (FRT) on a large-scale basis
  • 97% of US airport are expected to implement FRT by 2023
  • 70% of police forces have access to some form of FRT.
  • In 2022, Big Brother Watch exposed that CoOp was using facial recognition cameras to surveil shoppers.
  • Chinas facial recognition is 95% accurate even when you’re wearing a mask.
  • There are 626 million facial recognition cameras in china.
  • In 2019, a data beech exposed chinas vast database – collecting 6.8 million records in a single day.
  • Facial recognition aids with Chinas social credit system.
  • Facial recognition is already being used by shops like coop in order to recognise known shop lifters.



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