On the 13th February 2023, James received an instigation letter telling him he was being placed under investigation using the Non-Academic Misconduct Procedure for two videos he created, of which, James will thoroughly explain with a video on Monday.

The instigation letter explained that he allegedly breached two sections of the university policies; reputational damage and use of lecture recordings. 

The disciplinary, which took place on the 3rd March 2023, went much better than expected, with the assigned case officer first stating his apolitical stance on the situation, as well as his belief this was only a minor incident. The case officer has asked that the videos be removed, and has made his recommendation to the Student Cases Review Group that it is a non-complex procedure, with the punishment being a written warning. The Student Cases Review Group will make their official decision on Monday, and we’ll let you all know with a video explaining the situation in full.

We would like to address that we never had a problem with this university in particular, just the Marxism-based left-leaning education system which needs a major overhaul. With James’ ambition to become a journalist, he felt, and still feels, these videos were in the public’s best interest so you could see exactly what students are being taught, and the major left-wing bias that is currently plaguing university campuses. 

We are committed to exposing exactly what universities have become, where, for the most part, they no longer encourage free speech and are instead indoctrination camps where they don’t allow students to counter-argue the biased curriculum… This is evident with the James Esses situation, where he was kicked out for saying there are only two genders. However the anti-free speech agenda highly depends on the university you attend. Through our research, we have found that the highest ranked universities (such as Manchester, Cambridge, Imperial College London) are usually the most restrictive around free speech, whereas, the universities which focus on your creativity over your academic ability are usually better in terms of free speech and public discourse.

A video will be posted on Monday, thoroughly explaining the situation in full.

James would like to thank everyone for all the support and kind words. See you all in Manchester.

Students Against Tyranny