What is science? Science is “the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation, experimentation, and the testing of theories against the evidence obtained”. Science should inherently remain free from bias in order to maintain its credibility, objectivity, and the integrity of its findings. Bias can distort the research process, which is an extremely crucial aspect of ULEZ. What scientific basis is there that ULEZ helps reduce the emission of Carbon Dioxide in our atmosphere? The research process helps clear the air (pun unintended) and clarify their reasoning for implementing such a drastic measure. If that process is skewed in any way, especially if maliciously conducted by a political component, then that undermines the democratic process. 

The people are meant to be given all the data so they can form their own consensus, before deciding whether or not this policy is something they are in aid of. If they are not, according to the democratic process, they have then got the ability to organize protests, initiate political campaigns, launch petitions, etc. If the data is skewed, how can the public truly know this is something they want? If the data handed to them is knowingly biased, yet pushed by their “political representatives” anyway, then are we living in a true democracy? Or is the idea that we live in a so-called “free society” ruled by a democracy and the rule of law nothing but an illusion? The pursuit of knowledge requires open-mindedness, rigorous methodology, and an unwavering commitment to the truth, and only the truth. This is another extremely sad day for science.

Scientists at the Imperial College of London (which, by the way, also harbors Neil Fergurson – the man responsible for the drastic lockdown measures due to his his wildly inaccurate models of the Coronavirus) wrote a report finding that the Ultra Low Emissions Zones, had little to no impact on pollution.

In this report, a team of researchers conducted a 12 week study that spanned the period before and after the implementation of the ULEZ zone in April 2019. The investigation focused on the intricate nuances of ‘air quality’, revealing that the ULEZ zone had little to no effect on air quality.

In private emails, leaked to the Telegraph, the Mayor Deputy for Environment and Energy, told the Imperial College she was “really disappointed” that they published their findings.

Professor Kelly, the director of Imperials Environmental Research Group, agreed to release a statement stating the “significant contribution ULEZ provided in dramatically reducing air pollution” in response to Ms. Rodriques’ observation that the Mayoral Office had provided Imperial College with over £800,000 in funding since 2021.

Essentially, because the Mayoral Office had been significantly funding the college, they were persuaded (due to future monetary gains) to write a statement retracting their original report that the ULEZ policy didn’t work as the purposes intended, all they’ve done is a burn a significantly larger hole in people’s pockets.

This situation serves as additional evidence that Khan and his administration lack a scientific foundation for ULEZ, and to the contrary, proves they are fully aware that ULEZ does not work as advertised.

This entire ordeal is just a tactic to further silence science and dissident opinions, quickly correcting the narrative that ULEZ is good, and the extra £12.50 is “worth it”. ULEZ is just a way to levy even more taxes on the working class, which lines the pockets of corrupt politicians, corporate mockingbird media, and fake scientists, whose duty is no longer to the truth, but who’s offering the bigger paycheck.