After starting Students Against Tyranny exactly one year ago we have accomplished quite a lot, and hopefully that will continue at an even higher rate for the foreseeable future. The dedicated team behind this campaign group, in collaboration with activists from other youth organisations, have been tirelessly working on ways to get the youth more involved, and we are pleased to say that we are currently in the process of bringing those ideas to fruition. 

We started Students Against Tyranny as a means of bringing like-minded students together, especially as having these neurodivergent beliefs can be very isolating at times, with many being scared to talk about their opinions for fear of being labelled. Labelled in a way that shuts you up and potentially “ruins” your credibility among your peers. Unfortunately, being labelled in such ways (as a fascist, Nazi, racist, etc) fortifies your future as an outcast, but overall this should signify that they were never real friends in the first place. What transpired is far greater than what we ever imagined, we created an organised network of individuals who have become great friends and have gotten involved in some fantastic activism work. Students Against Tyranny was also used as a way to assist students legally – as opposed to just focusing on the social and active part of it – in times of need, for example, when NHS university students were told they could no longer study or go on hospital placements unless they complied with the draconian “must be jabbed” conditions. When we first heard about this, we were absolutely outraged, and thus after many sleepless nights the legal team put together a fantastic array of legal letters to aid in these situations. For the majority of students, this worked, however, unfortunately for some it did not.

We organised student rallies, protests, virtual lectures, meetups, and outreach campaigns but none of it would’ve been possible without all of you. Everyone who supported us either financially or by sharing posts, by following, by leafleting, etc, thank you. We are far from done. In terms of what we’ve already announced, we have a Change My Mind tour in the works, a new podcast series, another protest in Cardiff, but that is just the tip of the iceberg in comparison to what is to come.

The entire team would like to thank everyone for their support thus far and if you would like to help fund our next big idea, then please head over to:


Thank you,

Students Against Tyranny.