Last year I interviewed a man called Ritchie. I still remember the shock on my face as he described the scarring health issues he will be left with for the rest of time, because of his decision to transition. What’s even scarier, is how quick they were to promote this as a remedy to his mental health issues.

This protest isn’t necessarily about the trans indoctrination of our youth. It’s first and foremost against the takeover of women’s places and privileges by biological men. 

At the beginning of 2023, a woman was getting ready for her weekly swim, when she turned and jumped. Alarmed, she was greeted by the grotesque sight of a naked man getting undressed, in a way that suggested it came naturally.

Being the utmost concerned she immediately approached staff, telling them about the incident. She was met with the rather rude and harsh response of, “it would be discriminatory to query them.”

During the backlash a spokesperson claimed that they do not allow men to change in the women toilets, which makes us beg the question why this happened twice.

Though this happened roughly a year ago, it was brought to our attention by the Women Rights Network who still have some questions unanswered. Why did it happen for two consecutive weeks in a row? Why weren’t the police informed of indecent exposure? And why was it branded discriminatory?

Seeing as the UEA has a history of calling police on people placing transgender stickers around the halls, like an incident that occured in 2018, you would think that this situation would be treated with even more seriousness. 

We are descending on the UEA Sportspark because we want answers. We don’t want a statement, like the one released when it first happened, that avoids all questions and instead says they wish to keep all parties happy, we want an actual statement explaining the situation and their direct position on transgenderism.

While a spokesperson told the EDP that “we do not allow men to use the female changing rooms, or women to use the male changing rooms”, it is understood that incidents like this have happened since.

In a society where trans men are men and trans women are women, the statement still begs the question as to whether transgenders are allowed to use different changing rooms.

What poses even more questions is the end of their statement where they say “we ask people to use the changing rooms that are appropriate to their situation.”