Wokeness has ruined everything we used to love so dearly – childhood movies, TV shows, sports, books, and now it is going to tell tons of potentially overweight students that it’s okay to be overweight and they shouldn’t do anything about it as  “society is the one that needs to change.”

There is something inherently wrong with this, however. Exercise is incredibly important and even studies showed that obesity and Covid have a direct link – with obese people being at greater risk. But exercise is important to keep healthy and prolong your lifespan. However, this is ignored by the woke mob as they don’t seem to care about facts or science, but to them only feelings are important. In the famous words of Ben Shapiro, “facts don’t care about your feelings.”

University sports captains and fitness instructors are to be banned from telling students to “burn those calories” because it is fatphobic. Though this news hit in 2020, it is important to reiterate how far universities have cowered to the “tolerant” woke left. These days they aren’t faced with any sort of opposing arguments or other ideologies, because, for the most part, universities have seemingly eradicated free speech on campus.

It’s time we take this country’s education system back to the grassroots of what once was. Students Against Tyranny has an array of events coming out soon – so keep your eye open for that.